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Simple yet effective answers on questions regarding garage doors are listed here. This is your chance to learn all the things you always wondered about in regards to garage doors. Make your life easier and safer. Read the following FAQs.

  • My door seems to get stuck half way, what causes this?

    In these cases it is likely either an opener issue or track problem. Check the track. If there is a particular point that looks full of dirt, bent or misaligned, this could be what is causing the door to get stuck. If the track looks to be in pretty good shape, it is likely then a malfunction in your opener system.

  • When should I switch the batteries in my garage door opener?

    To avoid facing the problem of having your garage door opener malfunction, our experts here recommend that garage door opener batteries should be replaced every eight months. If you wait for your batteries to run out, there is a potential for an acid leak which would damage the garage door opener.

  • How can I fix a broken garage door spring?

    Garage door springs break at times owing to temperature variations, improper adjustment or plain wear and tear. If the spring happens to snap when in motion, do not try to operate the door in this condition. Broken springs should only be replaced by a skilled garage door technician as they can ascertain if it is torsion or extension, outside or inside lift. Replacing a spring without adequate knowledge is risky business and should not be taken up by homeowners. Our experts can be of help

  • Should I service my garage door often?

    Garage door repair experts recommend servicing doors at least twice a year but again it depends on their usage. Large commercial places in the Baytown area with huge garage doors that are used frequently in a day need to be serviced more often. A visual inspection once a week is ideal on both the door and the opener. Tighten the hinges and other loose hardware and lubricate with light oil, if required.

Garage Door Repair Baytown

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